Jeff Johnson | Mayor of the City of Isan

Jeff Johnson

Common name for the common good!

Mayor Jeff Johnson

It’s official: I’m starting on my third year as your Mayor.  It has been so exciting to make positive changes to the City of Isanti and continue sustainable growth.  It has been my pleasure to meet (and, I hope, continue to meet) the great people of Isanti.  The council and I have worked collaboratively together as well as encouraged and appreciated one another’s discussions on what can be hard decisions for the City of Isanti.  We plan to make the future of Isanti bright and financially sound for generations to come.  It was our honor to release a -1% tax decrease to the residents as well.

New this winter was the community’s sledding hill.  I hope many of you got out to enjoy that new asset to Bluebird Park and our community.  We’re also moving and building a new liquor store.  We hope to have a grand opening by Thanksgiving Day 2021.  These items were planned with strong budgeting practices, so taxes were not raised for these projects.

The Council and I had great discussions in the recent goal setting meeting. There are many new projects we are looking forward to bringing into the City of Isanti and its residents.  The Council and I are very passionate about bringing the community together for gatherings, celebrations, and enhancing a place of community by adding amenities.  However, I cannot say enough that it is our goal to plan and budget these items without tax increases or unnecessary bonding.

Jeff Johnson Family - Mayor of Isanti, M

We also continue to stay as transparent as we possibly can.  We set city mission, vision, and core value statements together last year and continue to follow them. To share, remind, and make the community aware, they are as follows:



To provide a safe, vibrant community and manage our resources to enhance the quality of life.  We are dedicated to cost-effective governance, professional management, and excellent public services.


To support and engage the community through leadership, professionalism, and integrity to ensure Isanti continues to be a community for generations.   

Core Values

  • Leadership: To encourage innovation, creativity, and initiative. 

  • Service: To be fair, friendly, helpful and customer service oriented.

  • Ethics and Integrity: To be truthful, accountable, responsible, professional, and with good moral standards.

  • Collaboration: To recognize that our people are our most valuable resource. 

  • Community: To respect and promote our community and share opportunities to succeed.

  • Stewardship: To consider the long-term consequences of actions, protect our assets, and invest in the future. 

We all look forward to working and speaking with the community as the City of Isanti continues to move forward positively.  

If you’d like to contact me with questions, concerns, or ideas for Isanti, feel free to call me at 612-236-7513 or email me at


Issues that Matter

Mayor Jeff Johnson - City of Isanti, MN
  • Committed to keeping taxes low

  • Renewed focus on quality of education

  • Continue to attract new jobs to the area

  • Improve our roads and infrastructure

  • Full and absolute transparency

  • Work to create safer communities

  • A fresh outlook on limited government